The Court Sheehan Home Visit

Court Sheehan

In Dr. Wright’s experience, the “Home Visit” can sometimes be a good demonstration of this kind of reward. Let us consider “the Court Sheehan Home Visit” as specific example.

Dr. Wright had seen Court Sheehan in clinic for a low back problem, shortly before he retired from the Providence Cranial, Spine and Joint Clinic. After retirement, he got a phone call from Court. Court had some questions about his back as well as the surgeon that had been assigned to him – Dr. Tom Stonecipher. Stonecipher was probably going to be his surgeon.

At first Dr. Wright thought that he would respond to courts questions over the phone but the Wright realized that years ago Court operated a service station on Wetmore Ave in downtown Everett across from Wright’s father’s office. So, Wright instinctively thought that it might be better to make a home visit to go over things with Court, who only lived about a 15-20 minute drive away.

Indeed, shortly after Wright arrived at Court’s place, he received the Individual Personal Reward (IPR) – or the “Selfish / Feel Good Reward” described in the BestCarePath. In Court’s own way, not only through words but through gestures, facial expressions and tone of voice, he conveyed to Wright many, many fascinating stories about Everett and our Community.

The “home visit” went on for maybe be 2 hours – long after Wright initially answered Courts questions about his back problem – and whether or not Dr. Stonecipher would make a good surgeon (affirmative). One of his first stories was about home visits back in Colorado long, long ago. And that story went like this.

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