Ovid Stavrica; 1994 Recipient

Ovid Stavrica was an Everett High School* senior, when awarded this scholarship. As the years have past Ovid and Dr. Wright have worked on various projects together. Most recently, Ovid (Pinion) and a colleague of his, Alex Porter, (Asesahealthcare) have worked with Dr. Wright to create “Intelliheal” and the current project: The BestCarePath. The basic ideas of this project were shared with the Providence Cranial, Spine and Joint Clinic in the last year but given the complexity of introducing new concepts to large organizations like Providence and EPIC, the project was set aside. Currently, Ali Anissiour and the Gateway Group of the Western Washington Medical Group on Broadway have signaled interest in this project. Although the basis of the project is to increase efficiency and quality of the provider/patient interaction, the implications of this project – if successful – could potentially address some of the serious issues of “Physician Burnout”.

* Dr. Wright graduated from Everett High School in 1960. And for this reason, he has had an ongoing interest in his Alma Mater. In 2010, he arranged for Puget Sound Video to record the 100th Anniversary of Everett High School. This may be found on the www.historichartleymasion.com Website.

Ovid Stavrica

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