Who is the Artist?

A year ago Dr. wright’s daughter didn’t have a birthday present for her father. By chance she found an old photo of him from which she was able to draw the portrait seen on the Website.

This portrait reminded Dr. Wright about how much one family member can mean to another. And more broadly about how strongly friends and community members can feel toward one another as well.

So – Who is the Artist?

Actually, since the portrait may be seen differently by the casual observer versus one with a background in healthcare, the portrait may be viewed as representing two “Artists”.

The first artist is Dr. Wright’s daughter, Dascha, who created a fine piece of “Portrait Art”.

And the second artist is symbolized by the collective spirit of Dr. Wright – and many, many other physicians, providers and patients throughout time – who have created and continue to create “The Art of Medicine”.

sanfordmasteruser2019Who is the Artist?